The Illustris technology platform ("ITP") both enables the delivery of large molecules (of at least 250KD) through tissue structures, and optimizes the absorption of compounds typically delivered through skin, eyes and mucosal (oral or vaginal) surfaces. The ITP facilitates the delivery of active ingredients through tissue structures by deploying decoys, many of which temporarily distract and relax anchors that bind tissue cells together, providing a portal for active ingredients to permeate the targeted site. Based on the clinical objective, Illustris can deploy the appropriate amount of decoy to fully penetrate or partially permeate the targeted tissue structure or organ system. The Illustris proprietary family of technologies enables the delivery through tissue structures of macromolecule active ingredients (of at least 250KD) which are historically difficult or impossible to deliver topically, and optimizes delivery of active ingredients which previously permeated tissue structures inefficiently. Illustris has filed broad patent applications across several classes of applications and compounds. We believe upon the conclusion of the appropriate studies, the Illustris family of technologies will provide a significant competitive advantage with its novel approach to molecule delivery yielding enhanced safety and efficacy for patients. 


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